Daqso International is a privately owned Dutch trading company, specializing in wholesale & distribution of branded fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Globally oriented, we source, import and export goods throughout the world to best serve the needs of our customers and provide them with a competitive advantage. As a truly international trader, we do business with companies from all over the world, from America and the Caribbean, to Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) regions and to the Far East (including Australia). Derived from a collective experience of over 30 years in the trading industry, we continuously strive to provide the best products from the biggest brands and manufacturers at most competitive prices. Due to our expertise and experience in the global strategic procurement, we operate as an exclusive European-based tactical procurement office for several retail chains located in the Middle and Far East, including the Middle Kingdom (China). Daqso International is located in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in close proximity and with easy access to one of the busiest European trading gateways to the world: Rotterdam Port seaport as well as to Schiphol Airport.  


With a network of reputable and reliable suppliers across the EU, North America and Asia, we are able to source a broad range of branded FMCG goods to meet even the most challenging assortment needs. The range of FMCG goods we specialize in include: health & beauty, professional hair care, household and food & drinks, including alcoholic beverages (beers, wine and spirits).
By leveraging on our wide network of supplying partners, strategic and collaborative sourcing methods, we are able to act as your European-based contract procurement office to meet your product sourcing challenges and needs.
Acting as the agent of your brand or product, we are able to use our wide network of retailers and distributors located throughout the world, to allow you to develop new or alternative channels for distributing your products.
We can work with you to develop a new market development strategy, where our service is an end-to-end solution, from planning stage to implementation all the way to controlling the complete supply chain from factory to consumer.
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With international orientation at the forefront of our minds, our team at Daqso International is made up of globally minded individuals, who can converse fluently in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Arabic and French. As a small, young and dynamic team, we offer a high degree of personal contact and thus responsiveness, agility & flexibility and transparency & discretion.
Sandro Daquino
Sandro Daquino

Director & Trader


Najima Dohouch
Najima Dohouch



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